Report from our MP Edward Argar

Writing my last column for the Syston Town News, about the passing of Paul Henry and his contribution to our community and the Town Council, made me reflect on the contribution, in time and energy, so many people make to our town to help make our community work and to support and run the institutions and events we value and which bring us together as a town.

Across our town, and in towns, cities, and villages across the country, every day there are people giving up their time to serve as town, parish, and borough and county councillors, to serve as school governors, as church wardens, as trustees and organisers of charities and community events, and in a variety of other ways, all of which contribute such a huge amount to our community life.

We live in an age where it has sadly become all too normal for those who serve in such roles to be criticised and subject to abuse, their motives unfairly challenged, or their contribution not always fully appreciated. Yet without these people, and their selfless public service, our communities would be infinitely the poorer and many of the things we so value would not take place.

While anyone in a public role should always be accountable, we should also always treat them with courtesy, respect and gratitude for their service. I wanted to take the opportunity to use this column to thank all those who serve on our Town Council and those many roles that help make our town so special. While it may sometimes feel tough, you are all the true heroes of our communities – thank you.”

Edward Argar MP
Member of Parliament for Charnwood
Email: or write to me at Edward Argar MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.