St Peter and St Paul’s Church News

Ride and Stride
We were able to take part in this annual event to raise money for the Leicester Historic Churches Trust by altering how we did things to conform to all Covid guidance. 
As a result we raised more money than last year. We were grateful to Theresa and Dave Morgan, Terry Farmer and friend Mick Streetly, pictured above, who volunteered to cycle round as many local churches as possible.
We are grateful, too, to the volunteers who sat in the church porch to greet others who were taking part from other churches.
They raised £252.85 which, by the time the Gift Aid donations are added in will reach about £292.

Harvest Celebrations
It was wonderful that the flower arranging team was able to decorate the church so splendidly as they did, as they have done for all the years past. Also on display the traditional Harvest loaf once again cooked by Sheila Borderick.
The church was almost at its capacity for the service on Sunday which was a joyful occasion. We were not able to sing ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter the Good Seed on the Ground’ but it was good to hear it! Sadly there was not the possibility of much socialising afterwards.
Not long afterwards, from 11am for an hour, a steady stream of members of the eleven30 congregation brought their own contributions to the collection for the food bank. They were sent off with a craft challenge. It was lovely to see each other after such a long time, even it it was very brief.
All the most generous donations were then left until Wednesday so that they complied with Covid quarantine before being delivered. Many thanks go to both the 10am and eleven30 congregations for their generous donations.

Church Flag – see picture above.
To replace an old and tattered flag a new one was donated by Janet Burgin in memory of her mother Anne Stubbs and aunt Rosemary Handley MBE.
The challenge was to secure a small eyelet on the end of the chord that had become detached about 30 feet up the flag pole mast.
Up for the challenge was Peter Dixon of Dixon Tree Care and his friend Jack. Equipped with one metre sections screwed together to form a seven meter pole with a tiny hook on the end, the procedure took forty five minutes of wrestling to keep the poles still in the breeze and hook up to the eyelet, all whilst standing on the slippery, sloping roof of the church tower.
The whole proceedings were watched by Church Wardens Brian Middleton and John Tooth and an anxious Janet and husband Brian from the steps of the church hall.
Shouts from the tower suggested success! Then the request was made from onlooker’s cars to see the new flag flying. The flag was hoisted to the cheers of all around!