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Dear Editor,
Ref: Barkby Road Cemetery
On a recent visit to the cemetery on Barkby Road in Syston I was amazed to see that all of the Erica x darleyensis ‘Silberschmelsa’ that enhanced the raised beds on either side of the central path had all been removed.
This glorious heather flowers during the winter from January until May helping to lift the spirit of those attending during the bleak winter months.
The beds are now covered with gravel giving a hard, unfriendly appearance.
Why has this been done, is it to save maintenance?
D Cox of Syston


Dear Editor,
Since lock-down began around March 2020 my wife has decorated our front room window with displays depicting the various events during the year and has continued into this year.
Our latest display is for Easter, see Stn picture below. Many people going by have a good look or a glance, it brings a smile to them and their children. We hope it has brought a cheer to everyone’s day.
M. Harris of Syston






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