Smashing Skatepark!!

Dear Editor,
Smashing Skatepark!!
For the past few weeks both myself and my two daughters have been up early and excited on a Sunday to get out to our local Skatepark in Syston for around 9.00am for a skate and scoot around before it gets to busy.
But in the past few weeks we have turned up to find Glass Bottles smashed off of the ramps, leaving the floor of the Skatepark covered in shards of glass and broken bottle necks strewn everywhere. Litter is also left all over the grass within the park.

The last time we turned up, which was Easter Sunday, we were met by the same disgusting sight only to find a pile of sick on one of the raised boxes that we use to skate on, this I had to cover with an empty beer box they had ‘kindly’ left behind.
I have now started taking my own petrol leaf blower to clear the park of the carnage left behind by these mindless so called human beings! Whilst my daughters wait upset but patient for me to do so.
I have contacted Charnwood Borough Council about the issue, to which they replied with… “Our Management of open spaces have confirmed that this park is not owned or maintained by Charnwood Borough Council.”
But there is a camera clearly pointing at the Skatepark and the play area, with a sign on it, now is this working or not?
I just really hope that the people involved in this crime will start thinking about their selfish and brainless actions and start thinking about other people and the young children that want to use this Skatepark for what its there to be used for!
M Belcher
A very concerned parent.