Roundhill Flower and Garden Club National Flower Arranging Day and Club Update

As with all too many other clubs and organisations, the programme and meetings of Roundhill Flower and Garden Club have been hit very hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.
We have not been able to meet in person since February 2020. The original national lockdown of 23rd March 2020 forced the suspension of our planned monthly professional demonstrations plus our annual garden visit scheduled for June of that year.
Even organisational Committee meetings had to be cancelled. Not everyone has Internet access so are able to use online facilities such as ‘Zoom’ etc.
However, our Chairman has tried to keep in touch with members by email or by post as best she can, informing us of updates from the NAFAS North Midlands Area Council and from National Headquarters in London whenever such information became available.
Perhaps to some extent unfortunately lost amongst all the inevitable pre-occupation and consequences of the current pandemic lockdown, was the fact that Friday 7th May 2021 was still designated as NAFAS National Flower Arranging Day. The image left shows a traditional display set in a period vase, using plant materials in a style favoured by Constance Spry, one of the originators of flower arranging back in the 1930s,and 40s, created to mark the day by Gayle Shelle.
In previous, pre-pandemic years, this had involved members of NAFAS flower clubs being encouraged to create floral displays to be placed in local official/public buildings, along with explanatory cards describing their reason, plus giving club contact details.
Later ideas had been to create a hand-tied bouquet, (called the ‘Lonely Bouquet’), placed in a strategic environmental position, again accompanied by a card providing details of their local flower arranging club and inviting persons to take that bouquet home.
However in 2021, as an inevitable result of social distancing measures required by the ongoing pandemic, members of flower arranging clubs were this time advised to create a variety of personally chosen floral arrangements to be placed outside their own homes. This was an evolvement intended to echo the earlier ‘Rings of Hope’ blue and white themed vine-based wreath displays, produced in the summer of 2020, in respect of huge efforts from NHS staff and other key workers battling to keep the country going through the first lockdown.
As for the continuance of Roundhill Flower and Garden Club, we have every intention of resuming our monthly meetings once social distancing requirements allow. Demonstrators are being re-booked well into 2022, and our garden visit to Thrussington, which had to be cancelled in June 2020, has been reorganised and is hoped to take place at the end of June 2021 – again depending on further government lifting of restrictions.
A great deal of hard work has gone into the owners preparing their gardens for the club members’ visit, so hopefully, this time it will be able to go ahead.