Letter Page

Dear Editor,
I live on Oak Drive in Syston and have lived in this area since 1978, which is when I bought my first little house. I was once very proud to live in this area and indeed in Syston, but in recent years have become more and more dismayed at the neglected state of our streets and pavements, particularly in relation to the neglected grass verges and the edges of the pavements and gutters which are full of weeds and rubbish. Syston and my estate are becoming an unsightly mess.
I have spoken to the ‘Highways’ department at the council, with regards to the unsightly state of the weeds in my area and am informed they are treated twice a year, I’m sorry but I see no evidence to confirm this is actually happening.
I’m not the only resident who feels that our streets are a sad mess and in an effort to clear up my area I have taken to getting out there with my rubber gloves, a hoe, brush and bin bag in an effort to clean up! Thankfully, I have discovered a couple of neighbours doing the same and on Sunday I saw a nice young man with his litter picking stick and bag combing the streets near my house, thank you to whoever that was for caring as much about our area as I do.
The reason I’m writing to you is to ask if there is any way your paper could reach out to the other residence and ask if they would like to join a CLEAN UP SYSTON campaign with me, so that we can all once again be proud to live here. The council have obviously cut down on so many services and are not attending to the streets as they once did. If we all get together and play a part, however small, in cleaning up this once lovely village (town) then hopefully we can once again be proud to say we live in Syston!
Kindest regards
A concerned resident