Post lockdown Trans-Furrrrrr-Mations

Dogs in Leicester have been going from scruffy hounds to pampered pooches as restrictions have eased and they’re allowed to go back in to the spa! These are some of the pups we’ve had through the door for a well deserved lockdown pamper showing off their trans-fur-mations after they’ve enjoyed deep conditioning treatments, blueberry facials and pawdicures. The height of doggy luxury!
Anna Pollard who runs The Dog House Canine Spa says ‘there’s been some interesting home grooms over lockdown but our clients have done fabulous jobs of making sure their dogs are happy, comfortable and tangle free. I think lockdown has brought about a new appreciation of dog groomers across the country – it’s a much harder job than it looks!’
‘It’s great to see our clients again and giving them a make over, we’ve seen a huge influx of pandemic puppies who we’ve been gently introducing to the grooming process so that it isn’t too overwhelming for them and the owners have been really thrilled with their progress. It’s just as hard for owners to leave their puppies with us after spending lockdowns together!’
It’s good idea to start puppies at the groomers when they’ve had their second injections as it’s quite a big part of their life. There’s lots of desensitisation that owners around Leicestershire can do at home to help their puppies get used to it – here’s our top three tips:
1. Introduce the brush nice and early.
Brushing is really important to make sure the coat is free of tangles. Once you’ve brushed you need to thoroughly comb your puppy all over. Start in smaller sessions and you’ll be able to build it up.
2. Getting your puppy used to the hairdryer
If you bath your puppy at home, you’ll absolutely need to dry them to avoid tangles. Start introducing the hair dryer at a distance first whilst your puppy is doing something it enjoys (play/eating) and then over time reduce the distance. Avoid letting your puppy play with the hairdryer and don’t chase them around with it, they need to be nice and calm.
3. Make it rewarding
Make sure you’re giving your puppy lots of love and praise, finishing with a game or their favourite tasty treat.
The Dog House Canine Spa has relocated over lockdown and we are now on Melton Road in Syston, just behind Kings Vets. If you’d like to find our more about Anna and her team and everything you’d need to know about booking your puppy or dog in then please go to