St Peter and St Paul’s Church News

Great news!
We saw our first wedding following the partial lifting of restrictions on the 8th of May between Mr Matthew Comery and Miss Stacey Simpson. Despite the rather inclement weather and the restriction of numbers it was a beautiful ceremony of the joining of two people declaring their love for one another before their close family and God.
People Shaped by God
The Leicester Diocese reached out to every church and worshipping community to hold a prayerful Local Conversation in May/early June. Syston joined with Barkby to hold one of these conversations on 9th June. Revd Tim Day and his wife Andrea led the meeting to introduce Shaped By God Together. The purpose of the meeting was to explore three possible ministry models together. Feedback on the various options for the way we shape our future ministry will be collated by the diocese and presented later in the year. Resuming our normal activities for the community of worshippers promotes positivity and hopefulness for the Future.
Working back to the new normal
Throughout the Lockdown the Church has been open on Wednesday mornings for personal prayer. Lee and Biddy have undertaken live streaming of Sunday services from both Syston and Barkby Churches in conjunction with zoom services. The Tuesday and Thursday Morning prayers at 9am on our Facebook page and the 8pm Wednesday Compline service have proved very popular. We have now begun our regular Services in Church on Sunday Morning at 10am and 9.30am on Wednesday Morning. There has been good support for these services. There was an adult Baptism during the first Wednesday Morning service.
The Annual Parish Council Meeting
On the 23rd May members of the congregation on the Electoral Roll were able to join the annual meeting which was held after the Sunday Service in Church. We were unable to hold this meeting last year because of the pandemic. Lee Francis-Dehqani the interim Rector chaired the meeting. He expressed the difficulties that the church has been facing. Not least that out of 60 weeks of Lockdown meeting in church has only been possible about 30 times.
One piece of important business was to elect Church Wardens. Mr. Brian Middleton and Mr. John Tooth are the existing wardens. They expressed their willingness to continue in post until a new Rector is appointed. Lee and all present were very grateful for this. The role of Church Warden is crucial to enable your church to continue its functions of worship and not least its upkeep.
The Treasurer made his report. It was no surprise that there has been a large fall in income. With no services in church the giving has been much reduced.
There have also been several extra calls on funds such as the issues within the tower, some serious problems with the organ and repairs generally as well as the regular bills for heating and lighting, there is a difficult time ahead. But it is wonderful that the organ has been repaired and music can be played again at services on Sunday mornings and the new rope on the flag-pole means the flag can fly again!
Pastoral care has been challenging with restrictions on home visiting. The weekly newsletter and telephoning have been the main ways of keeping in touch. However, home visits will now become possible.
This group are still keeping in contact through their Facebook page. Their most recent ‘event’ was a churchyard trail feeling the wind, thinking about what can be heard and celebrating the richness of God’s creation. Keep an eye out for our postings!

St Peter and St Paul’s Church is open to everyone and all are welcome! We ask that you use the sanitizers and complete the track and trace on entry, wear masks once inside and sit in the designated seats.
Should you wish to have a chat to discuss any of the services outlined above or a baptism, a wedding service or funeral arrangements please contact Revd Biddy Saunders, Curate at or ring 0759 792 1051.