Timetable change to Trains from Syston

Syston Town News has been informed that a recent EMR timetable change has meant that their busiest service into Leicester (from places like Syston, Sileby and Barrow) has been cancelled, meaning that many returning to work from Monday in line with the latest government Covid-19 guidance will be left stranded.

The train at 8:06am, which allows people to get into the city and to their workplaces for 8:30/9am will no longer run, and EMR confirmed on Twitter that this decision won’t be reviewed until December.

That means that for the next six months, people only have the option of catching a train an hour earlier or an hour later, which is not realistic for many who don’t have a flexible workplace or who have childcare constraints.

Other alternatives include driving in, which is at odds with the city’s push on public transport and cycling to reduce congestion and pollution, or catching a bus, which means paying for both a train and bus pass thus making it an unaffordable option for lots of people.

Please contact EMR should you wish to complain.