Syston Knitting Bankxy Is Captured in Print

The editor of the Stn was contacted by a journalist and now author Belinda Goldsmith early in May.
She wanted to know about our very own SKB and who they were. Of course as you all know your editor is sworn to secrecy, so I couldn’t give that information.
However, Belinda explained that she has seen a yarn bombed postbox in her own locality and it sparked her curiosity as a journalist and began researching the origins of the yarn bombing, as well as the growing movement around the country and has produced a book entitled Lockdown Letterboxes. A very British yarn about postbox graffiti knitters during Covid-19.
The book, whose front cover is shown above, is available from Amazon and all proceeds go to UK charity YoungMinds.
Your editor was able to share information about how it all started and supplied a couple of photographs that appear in the book.
It is a very uplifting read and lovely to see the creative skills of all these clever and talented people around the UK.
If you would like to obtain a copy please visit and search for Lockdown Letterboxes, it is £8.99 for paperback or £6.99 for the kindle version.