Syston and District Volunteer Centre – HELP IS AT HAND!



Volunteer Centre to Showcase Community Service Groups
Syston and District Volunteer Centre has issued more than a hundred invitations to take part in an exhibition, to be held on Central Park, Syston, on Saturday 9th July, running from 10.00am to 4.30pm.
Under the heading ‘Help is at Hand!’, the exhibition will showcase those organisations, based in Syston and neighbouring communities, which offer social, cultural, sporting, educational, financial and/or emotional support to people of all ages, thereby easing problems and enhancing the quality of life. 
Chairman of Trustees, Paul Lomas, says: “The Centre is happy to share a significant donation we received, derived from the sale of calendars featuring the Syston Knitting Banksy displays at the local Post Office and War Memorial, by subsidising this important initiative. It is our intention to demonstrate that no matter what problems and difficulties members of our communities might be facing, they are not alone. Syston can offer a local solution.”
Event organiser and Trustee Secretary/PRO, Colin Grimes, adds: “Organisations taking part will enjoy an exceptional, low cost opportunity to promote their services, recruit more members, attract volunteer support and raise funds – all with the minimum of organisational effort on their part.
A marquee will be in place to house the majority of exhibiting organisations, with additional adjoining spaces to cater for those who wish to supply and furnish their own (covered) displays. We are currently seeking to attract a high-profile personality to officially open the event and it is hoped to mount a simultaneous programme of supporting activities in the Park, to attract more visitors.
Based on our experience, gained in 2018, when we first piloted the concept, we expect that support for this event will again be high.
Any organisation wishing to be involved but which has not received an invitation, should contact me for full details and a registration form email:”