Litter Picking Superstar

We wanted to bring you this article that appeared on Facebook on 9th April as it highlights the worst and the best of people living in this town.
Megan Loach and her daughter Jessica were on their way out when they saw that someone had taken a ton of shredded paper and flung it around the centre of Syston.
It went right down the side of one road, across the zebra crossing and down the next road. They thought quite rightly so that it looked absolutely disgusting. It hadn’t been particularly windy and it wasn’t a bin day, and as they said it was all the same stuff which pointed to this being a deliberate act.
They returned home, got their gloves and bag and off they went.

For two hours this little superstar seven year old picked up every bit we could find. Piece by piece.
Everytime somebody told her well done, you could see the pride glowing. She was so happy to do something to help.
They collected a big bag full and a few of the pieces still had the person’s address on. So it can be traced back for the owner of the waste to dispose of it correctly.
We at Syston Town News want to say Thank you to this young person on behalf of the residents for tidying up after the thoughtless person or persons who threw shredded paper all around the streets in the centre of Syston.
You are an excellent example to everyone on how to look after our environment. A little bird told us it is your birthday in May – So we also want to wish you a very happy birthday.
Thank you again and shame on the person or persons who caused the problem in the first place.

Pictures courtesy of M.Loach