Horoscopes for August 2023 By Jeanne Douglas

Aries (21 March to 19 April):
This is not a good month for Arians with any kind of healthy ego! For others will challenge you and present obstacles and make it just so difficult to get your own way and work towards what you really want. Time spent on a new hobby with a special someone will take on a romantic note; just what you need to unwind and relax.
Taurus (20 April to 20 May):
Your attention turns to more emotional matters and it really is time to set your sights on what you really want. With Jupiter in your sign, you’re most likely to succeed at this right now. Business ideas are particularly likely to get off the ground. And with Uranus – the ‘clever’ planet in your sign – you’ll turn into a creative genius!
Gemini (21 May to 21 June):
Changes to the daily routine are much to your liking with the pleasing presence of Venus helping you, also bringing warm happy company and more than a smattering of romance! Ideas are flowing and will certainly distract you quite positively even though you’ll feel at times as if you’ve escaped into your own dream world! Why not?
Cancer (22 June to 22 July):
A new way of making money will certainly appeal to you and a loved one may be joining in to help! You have to assert yourself when it comes to the daily routine and you learn that good communication is the key. Relationship decisions are due.
Leo (23 July to 22 August):
The new moon in your sign this month brings in an era of ‘putting yourself first’ and this includes that special romantic someone in your life! You spend cash on uplifting things, whether forking out on a holiday or treating yourself to healthy spa days – whatever makes you feel good. Some connections finally move on.
Virgo (23 August to 22 September):
You need to communicate your great new ideas this month if ever you want to achieve results and you so want to get things done. You spend cash on all this and feel quite excited by the results. Both work related topics and your close personal relationships are all up for a review; you use your instincts but it’s hard work too.
Libra (22 September to 23 October):
Worries on your mind are expressed to others in practical ways as the month goes on and only by doing so can you hope to make find solutions and make progress. Both your work and hobbies suffer as you pursue and explore some great new social contacts, especially a promising new love affair which reaps rewards.
Scorpio (23 October to 21 November):
Changes in your home life impact positively on your hobbies and interests! Basically, it’s ‘out with the old’ and so then there much more space – and time – for all those things that you enjoy doing the most. Still, you discover that even having fun takes a good deal of hard work and imagination. Time to plan a holiday…
Sagittarius (22 November to 21 December):
Having completed one or two projects just lately, changes are bound to take place when it comes to your routine. The home front too benefits from the extra time that you can spend there as a result. New ideas at work can now be put into action and material profits are most likely to occur. Well done you!
Capricorn (22 December to 19 January):
Your thoughts have been largely all about how you can secure your current position and not lose one iota of clout. However, life is all about change and things move on whether you’re ‘ready or not’. Take time to reassess your financial position for starters and then some hard work is required to follow your dreams.
Aquarius (20 January to 18 February):
You reach the completion of a personal phase in your life this month. Your finances too will undergo a deep transformation! All this does involve some honest thought and application – which is basically quite hard work. You also need stamina too as your whole life swings round to something rather more to your liking.
Pisces (19 February to 20 March):
You’ve more staying power than most folk this month with Saturn in your sign, giving you a distinct advantage when it comes to getting things done. Yes, ‘hard work’ is something that you do believe in and yet it’s your intuition that really saves the day. A new job proposition is just perfect and brightens up your day.