Celebration for Fr Clement’s 20th Anniversary of Priesthood

On Sunday 13th August a Celebration event was held for Fr. Clement and a very memorable and joyful one it was too. There were a few surprises and over 200 people attending whilst many watched the live streaming worldwide.
A Mass was held and began with a grand entrance procession lead by the Kenyan choir group singing their way into church followed by Rev Fr. Clement, assisted by Brother Lawrence Ezeilo and Rev Fr. Leszek.
Next came the surprise where the chair of the celebration committee, Tony Monteiro presented on a large screen some very touching video messages from Fr Clement’s niece Edina, brother Maurice, sister Helen and most importantly from his mother Mama Kerebu who are in Kenya and could not attend the celebrations. This was very emotional and many needed a tissue to wipe off their tears of joy!
Apart from the Kenyan Choir, we had the Goan Choir who sang a Konkani offertory hymn accompanied by the guitar and mouth organ. We also had our own church choir in attendance.
At the end of Mass, Charles Wookey, who was at Fr. Clement’s ordination 20 years ago in Kisii, Kenya with his wife and four children enlightened us with his life experiences of knowing Fr. Clement.
After Mass we all went into the lovely church hall where the Kenyan Catholic Women Association choir danced their way into the hall and escorted Fr. Clement to start the joyous celebrations where there was ample food and refreshments for all to enjoy.
We were also entertained by some excellent jazz numbers by our very own Amile Payne whilst the guests ate, drank and got merry!
Finally, we all counted down from 20 and Fr. Clement cut his lovely anniversary cake which had a chalice on top surrounded by a stole. Tony Monteiro raised the Toast on behalf the committee members and of all the guests present. All enjoyed a flute of Prosecco/bubbly and wished him well. There was so much cake too for all to enjoy.
Fr. Clement was showered with many gifts and also a cricket batsman trophy which said 20 not out! Love from all your parishioners in Syston and Sileby.
“This Is the Best Day of My Life” commented Fr. Clement at the end of the event.