2023 Rainbows Classic Car Run

9th Annual Classic Car Run for Rainbow’s Children’s Hospice.
Syston residents Terry Farmer and Vicki Friend, with friends Mick and Christine Squire from Anstey, could not have been luckier with the weather for this annual Classic Car Run. Fine and dry!
The run began, thanks to the generosity of the owners of Stonehurst Family Farm, early on Sunday morning the 3rd of September. 60 cars had registered to take part and 56 were able to make the start. As usual the owners of the cars took the opportunity to look at the cars gathered in the car park, enjoy a hot drink and a delicious bacon bap while they waited to register and receive their Tulip diagram book showing them the route which would explore the little lanes of Leicestershire and Rutland.
The midway stop was at Wymondham Windmill where, once again, the owners allowed us to gather at this popular venue. It has a small assortment of shops, including a dress agency. There is also a restaurant where the participants were able to top up on their refreshments. Several people took the opportunity to climb up inside the mill.
The final destination was at Barnsdale Gardens where the cars gathered in a field designed as an overspill car park. Some people had brought their own picnic others took the opportunity of dining in the restaurant. Should they wish to they were able to enjoy the gardens at a slightly reduced cost.
Overall, a really enjoyable day with an outstanding result raising £1500! In combination with what they have raised previously they will be donating a total of £2000 for the year.