Film Review by Matt Hill

Feeling the Elements
The Story
In a city where all four elements (Earth, air, water and fire) co-exist, but don’t mix. A fire element named Ember (Lewis) and water element Wade (Athie) will find out if things might be better if they did.
Elemental marks Pixar’s 27th feature film release since they unleashed their first animated movie, Toy Story back in 1995. Since then the studio has become a hallmark of top quality animated movies, but in recent years their films’ seem to be falling short of that exceedingly high standard.
So does Elemental sizzle? Or is it an extinguished flame on arrival?
This’ll probably come as a surprise to no one, but the animation and details of the world are second to none. It’s bright, vibrant and full of quirks to suit every element. Whether that’s how they use a train for a daily commute, or just simply eat, all of it is meticulously thought out.
Our guide through this world is a fire element named Ember, who’s helping run her fathers shop, whilst dealing with her own anger issues.
Soon she meets a water element named Wade, and they team up to find the mysterious water leak that’s been finding its way into fire town. On that journey they’ll begin to ignite the ‘will they won’t they’ romantic spark.
The best parts of the film comes from Ember and Wade’s lovable relationship. In how they each interact with Pixar’s fully realized world around them, allowing the film to deliver the Pixar feels and laughs we’re all so used to. The problems start to bubble when the story detracts from their romance, by pulling focus to other plot lines.
Making the film feel overstuffed and unsure about what it story it really wants to focus on.
In a Nutshell
Pixar’s first rom-com is, for the most part, a blazing success. It may not be one of their best, but it’s still a very sweet and gorgeous animation in its own right.