The picture above courtesy of Sheryl Freer shows two Grand Masters receiving their portraits

World Master James Freer Celebrates His 40 Years in Tae Kwon-Do!!!

Instructor World Master James Freer, 7th Dan celebrated his 40 years in Tae Kwon-do by organising a super seminar with two Grand Masters – Grand Master Ron Sergiew and Grand Master Dave Oliver – both 9th Dans!! committee members of the TAGB – ‘Tae Kwon-do Association of Great Britain’.
These two Grand Masters have been practising Tae Kwon-do for over 50 years themselves!
Over 100 students attended this amazing seminar – it was fantastic to see them all work so hard – they are all still buzzing with excitement!
The two Grand Masters awarded World Master Freer with a trophy from the TAGB committee for his dedication and commitment in Tae Kwon-do over 40 years.
World Master Freer’s wife – Master Sheryl Freer – also surprised both Grand Masters with a portrait each of themselves, that she had painted herself – as they were also celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the TAGB. The picture above, courtesy of Sheryl Freer, shows two Grand Masters receiving their portraits.
World Master Freer is an Instructor known for his full commitment and loyalty to his Tae Kwon-do, his enthusiasm and dedication when teaching shines through and his students are a credit to him.
Mr Freer says that the only way he wanted to celebrate his 40 years in Tae Kwon-do was to put on this seminar with the Grand Masters for all of his students to attend, so we could all celebrate together doing what we love most – Training!!!
Anyone interested in having a go at Tae Kwon-do and starting a special journey – please contact Master Sheryl Freer on 0795 256 1388,

The above picture courtesy of Sheryl Freer shows the students attending the seminar