New Barkby w.I.

Member of New Barkby WI were welcomed to the institutes October meeting by President Shirley Franklin.
‘Jerusalem’ was sung, followed by W.I. business matters.
The speaker was Analiza Jones, accompanied by her husband Kevin, with power-point presentation which showed everyone the treasurers of south east Asia’s ocean as the subject was Shell Craft from the Philippines.
With plenty of rocks and boulders, there are a variety of shells to be searched for.
Cowries, which can vary in size, are hard and shiny and often coloured. They can be used for jewellery, fertility rites and as currency.
Clams are often turned into wash basins, planters and even bird baths. A giant clam can weigh as much as 400lb. During the pandemic, there was a certain amount of poaching happening. One giant pearl was once found in a clam shell.
Abalone shells are made into soap dishes or for toiletries.
Capiz shells are very lightweight and translucent, so they are stamped out into squares or circles after they have been dived for, then harvested and hung out to dry before being transformed into chandeliers, wind chimes, lampshades etc.
Analiza’s family have a business which make bags and other items from the plastic found in the ocean and from fibres. A sample of these items, plus craft work she had made were on display and to purchase after the talk.
The vote of thanks was given by Valerie Cobb who also won the competition with a shell necklace. The raffle was won by Eileen Hull and refreshments were served by Louisa Chapman.
A birthday dinner will be held on Wednesday 1st November, the venue to be advised and the Annual meeting will be held on Wednesday 8th November at Syston Community Centre at 7.30pm.
Visitors are always welcome to attend.