Parents Diagnosed with Cancer within Days of Each Other – Sadly Stu passed away on 22nd October- he will be sadly missed – Condolences to Stacey their family and friends.

Stacey and Stu have been diagnosed with cancer with a few days of one another and now are in hospital unable to work and provide for their family of two boys aged six and ten.
Stacey’s Sister in law Vanessa has set a gofund me page to try and raise funds up to help them with their living costs whilst they both face their serious ongoing illness.
Both are currently in hospital and have been for a few weeks now, and are not able to work. With no financial provisions in place they aren’t able to pay rent, bills or buy essentials for them and the kids. We are trying desperately to ensure that they can remain in the new home that they so desperately dreamed of for them and the kids, and pray that they can both return there soon to spend time together and make memories.
Vanessa and their families are seeking as much financial aids/grants for them as they can get, but this takes time and in the meantime bills are mounting.
Vanessa and the family know that everyone is feeling the cost of living crisis and money is tight for lots of us.
If we can all give a little, hopefully it will do a lot to support them.
Syston has not let them down and you may have seen their story in the media and at the time of going to print the fund has raised over £17,000. Which has blown the couple away, and they are thankful to everyone who has already donated.
If you are able and would like to make a donation, please go the the gofund me page:
Sending love and hope to both Stacey and Stu and their family.

Sadly, since the newspaper was sent to print, we had the very sad news that Stu passed away. We send our deepest condolences to Stacey, their children, family and friends.