Charity Event for the Teenage Cancer Trust Takes Place

Saturday 30th September dawned with the promise of fine weather. It’s what we had all prayed for, as today was the day that we had planned for our charity event – to raise money for The Teenage Cancer Trust. Plans had only been put in place some eight days before and so much hard work had been done by those involved.
The charity event was held in a private driveway and there were many stalls including tea/coffee, cakes and savouries, books, tombola and a raffle. Believe us that when we say people had been so wonderfully generous we were not exaggerating! The gifts we received from people were on a scale that overwhelmed us all; the kindness and empathy with which these donations were made was truly heartwarming.
The Teenage Cancer Trust had been chosen because the Granddaughter of one of us had so very recently (6th September 2023) been diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. The name of this teenager is ‘Chaz’. We are a close-knit community here, having known the family for many years, so this affected us all.
Not only did friends and neighbours, and people further afield contribute for Chaz and her lovely family, but local companies too who we had approached:

  • On Cloud 9 Beauty
  • The Twisted Jester
  • Tesco Syston
  • Fox Barbers
  • The Bay Tree
  • Paper Moon
  • Dunelm
  • Starbucks
  • Marie Faulkes (balloon hamper voucher)
  • Mercedes, Leicester
  • Syston Brooke Café
  • NIS Signs
    The weather held, everything was in place and ready – all we needed was for people to come and support our chosen charity event, Teenage Cancer Trust. This is a charity that DOES NOT receive any government funding, hence all funds that they receive are from public donations and fund raisers. The Teenage Cancer Trust had sent banners, balloons and all kinds of paraphernalia for us to display.
    The sun was shining and we waited and for sure it wasn’t for long – in fact only a matter of minutes – and the people came. It was truly a sight to behold and wonder at! The day was so remarkable and memorable and proved to be a greater success than any of us could have imagined.
    How do the organisers begin to thank everyone who came? We cannot thank everyone enough but perhaps something Chaz said will sum it up and we quote “A huge thank you for helping me make this possible. I have been absolutely blown away by the love and support of so many kind hearted people. I knew from the moment I was diagnosed that I wanted to raise some money to help other people in my position and ensure others could get the support too. It is really important to make sure that charities like The Teenage Cancer Trust have the funds to continue to provide the services that they do.”
    In the end we raised a staggering £2,608.28 in just four hours for such a worthy cause and to support a truly wonderful, brave and beautiful young teenager who is going through a challenging time in her life, our Chaz Chaz’s Warriors.
    N.B. There is another charity event being planned for Spring of next year – once again your support will very much appreciated.