Greetings from Your Local Beat Team!

During these dark wintry nights we would like to remind the community to keep good crime prevention habits.
What to Be Aware of?
There has been a general increase around the Charnwood area of thefts from motor vehicles and thefts of motor vehicles. Make sure your vehicle is locked and secure! DO NOT leave any valuables in your vehicle such as, handbags, wallets/purses, tools and make sure nothing if left on show!
What to Keep an Eye on?
There has been an increase in burglaries throughout Charnwood! We would like to remind you to keep your homes and businesses secure. Ensure all windows and doors a locked, make your home look occupied,
Here is a checklist for when you are leaving your home unattended:
• Close and lock all windows and doors (even if you’re only going out for a few minutes).
• Double-lock any doors.
• Make sure that any valuables are out of sight and away from letter boxes e.g. car keys, wallets/purses, handbags.
• Set your burglar alarm.
• Lock your shed, garage and side back gate.
• In the evening, shut curtains and leave a light on.
• If you are out all day/night, then it’s advisable to use a light timer device to automatically turn on lights and radios when your home is unoccupied.
Events and Beat Surgeries:
All events and Beat Surgeries will be posted on Facebook and on Neighbourhood Link.
The Beat Team!
It was lovely to meet lots of the local population of Syston during our pop up Beat Surgery at 10am to 11am on Saturday 6th January 2024 at Syston Town Hall Square. Thank you for popping by and saying hello. Stay Safe and look after each other PC Jason and PCSO Lesley
PCSO 6053 King and PC 1651 Stowell conducted hi-visibility patrols down Whissendine Way, Syston along with other streets/roads due to an increase in theft from vans/motor vehicles. They gave out advice on how to keep your vehicles secure including giving out stickers and leaflets.
This is happening all over Charnwood! Please keep an eye out for each other and ensure you are keeping up with your good crime prevention habits.
For more information around your community, please view our force website and social medias:
Warm regards, from your local beat team!
You can report the following crimes online:
A crime: the-police/report-a-crime-incident
A road traffic incident: report-a-road-traffic-incident
An abandoned vehicle:
Hate crime: