Moaning Fred Part 2

In my last moan I wrote about the voting issue without Photo ID.
Well on Tuesday 27th February on Radio 4 the programme was talking about voting for visually impaired people, but it also spoke about my moan for those of you who do not have photo ID.
Well it seems you can apply to your local authority for a voting Authority Certificate form
You will need to prove your name and address and National Insurance Number a photo and of course you can still vote by post. You can phone the Election team on 01509 634546 or go online to where you can download the form
A form can be posted to you and when completed it can be posted back or handed in at your local Council office.
However, you have to apply for this by 5pm on 25th April 2024 in time for the local elections on 2nd May.
I hope this is helpful for you, because I didn’t know and possibly you didn’t either.
I also wrote about the Banking Hub which was finally opened on Friday 23rd February and was covered in the last issue. I hope some of you have had time to use the facilities.
Because of the type of Banking system operated there it is a little restricted, but I have been reliably informed by a Bank employee who said things will improve as time goes by I do hope so.
There has been a lot of talk about the flooding in the town and was very well covered in the last issue of STN
I think it is a problem in many parts of the country. Bewdley on the River Severn, also York have suffered and now have flood barriers to prevent flooding and it seems we need a similar system.
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