Leicester’s Leo ‘Hamilton’ in the Making!  

Leo Ryan, age 11, from Thurmaston Leicester, started his go-karting career just last year, at local track Teamsport Leicester. From the first time he jumped in and started whizzing round the corners he was hooked. Making progress each week, Leo grew in confidence through the karting academy sessions, where he was coached to race safely but to win!  
This year Leo competed in his first local league (Group B), where he was awarded driver of the day five times out of the seven races. Leo was awarded podium after podium and pulled a clear lead before being pipped to the post and finishing in second place overall.  
Leo has since been moved to the Group A league and is holding down first place against his talented rivals. He has also entered the BIKC (British Indoor Karting Championship*) and is showing promise to get into the regional finals! Go Leo!
If you would like to have a go behind the wheel, check out: www.team-sport.co.uk/go-kart-tracks/leicester 
You don’t need a licence to race and the minimum age is 8. 
Motorsport offers lots of benefits including: 
? offering children a supportive and encouraging environment and community
? it promotes a healthy lifestyle
? racing offers children a safe outlet for their energy 
? it educates children on safety and mechanics – which can lead to so many opportunities!
*TeamSport Karting partnered with Motorsport UK, the governing body for four-wheel motorsport in the UK, to create an accessible and affordable grassroots racing event set to revolutionise indoor karting across the UK.