New Barkby W.I.

Shirley Franklin, President of New Barkby WI, welcomed members and one visitor to the institute’s August meeting. Jerusalem was sung and then business matters ensued.
The speaker for the evening was John Parnell from Nuneaton who spoke of the healthy benefits Hula Hooping can help the body. He demonstrated the way in which the rhythm of using a hoop improves the hips, back and core as the movement progresses.
Hula Hooping became popular after it is believed that sailors watched Hula dancing in Hawaii, and so with hoops the exercise evolved. Hoops used to be made of cane but now they are made from plastic. With a smaller hoop the movement made is slower than when using a larger one. John demonstrated the art as he played a taped song he had written and with just a few minutes instruction, five ‘volunteers’: Carol, Dawn, Julie, Louisa and Wendy were brave enough to have a go and soon became conversant with the exercise.
John has appeared on the TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and teaches in schools and organisations, groups and holiday clubs so is kept very busy. A pleasant subject as Wednesday had been designated as ‘National Play Day’.
The vote of thanks was given by Angela Montague. The competition ‘A toy I played with’ was won by Louisa who brought along a game she had played with as a child.
Joy Goulden won the raffle and along with Alma Wright helped with the refreshments.
The next meeting will be on Wednesday 6th September at 7.30pm in Syston Community Centre when the subject will be ‘Patchwork for Pleasure’ with Carolyn Boulter.
Visitors are always welcome to attend.